Pondering Personal Data, Online Privacy and the eCommerce Experience while I wait for the Semantic Web to arrive. I am a co-founder of First Retail Inc. - a bootstrapped startup in the Bay Area of California working to leverage semantic web technologies to improve the online commerce experience.

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I have been trying to cultivate an online version of myself with details accurate and up to date. Listed here are some of the places where my information can be accessed. As I examine each of these places, I notice that I held back on certain information such as my correct birthdate and actual mailing address, but I am still giving away a lot. The question is "am I giving away too much?"

Just in case I wasn't, I have gone further and published even more information about me here

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Federated Model for Managing Personal Data

A platform for managing such personal portals could be implemented by organizations who already maintain personal information such as banking transactions, insurance claims or medical histories. This would provide a powerful environment in which personal information may be managed securely to the advantage of all concerned. However, it is appreciated that in order for effective deployment to occur, it is necessary to establish design principles and rules for operation.

Management of Personal Data

Proposing a solution for the individual to regain control of their identity in today's unregulated and unsecured digital domain

The Problem

I. The identity of an individual can be taken as the sum total of the information that uniquely identifies the individual and allows the individual to transact in a social and commercial environment.

II. Historically that identity was held as paper documents maintained by government organizations and by certain commercial organizations. Verification was done using photographs and the verification of documentations by Notaries.


My vision of how a variety of organisations would be able to interact with me through my electronic persona - illustrating how personal information can be stored, accessed, maintained and given behavior. Since I wrote this in 2000, the field of personal information management has moved forwards and many of these concepts are now taking shape.

Motor Insurance

National Identity Card and Authentication System for the UK

The December 2006 Report, Service Transformation: A better service for citizens and business, a better deal for the taxpayer' by Sir David Varney describes a new coordinated approach for delivering services to individuals and businesses - one where the departments and organizations delivering the service are able to leverage an integrated information system that will improve the service experience for customers and have significant cost savings.

1 Overview

The Concept of a Personal Portal

Back in 2000, I was thinking about how I could make my online life a little more convenient - and so the concept of the personal portal was born. This has been the root of my thinking and certain aspects of this are now a reality or at least a major consideration in the minds of those who are shaping the web and how we interact with it and within it.

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