Pondering Personal Data, Online Privacy and the eCommerce Experience while I wait for the Semantic Web to arrive. I am a co-founder of First Retail Inc. - a bootstrapped startup in the Bay Area of California working to leverage semantic web technologies to improve the online commerce experience.

In HTTPS We Trust

I recently signed up to Page Once - the personal Internet Assistant. Page once allows me to sign in to all of my accounts from one web page. It will remember my passwords and create a single dashboard for my accounts. I guess that helps.

Facebook Update

Recently gone cold on Facebook, now receiving only the odd message and transferring the conversation back to conventional email as quickly as possible - Facebook provides me with no benefit once the connection has been made. Also I really don't want to know that John is looking for friendship networking, Jess added the what underwear are you or Julia has joined the geeks doing good sf chapter ... zzzzz.

Data Portability

As I try to work out how to express myself online, to make myself machine readable, to begin to post requests, I am seeking the emerging standards in the industry.

Michael Pick's video explains the DataPortability working group's objectives pretty neatly:

Networking Myself Professionally

I was invited to join Naymz this morning - in the interests of science and Mark Page who invited me, I signed up. I'm getting a little tired of all this signing up and subscribing and profiling. Each time I sign up, I get the same types of messages about how I will be connextaposed with each living molecubyte in the trueniverse.

Backing out of Facebook

Scoble - there and back again

There's a really interesting little story going on, Facebook vs. Scoble - Robert Scoble was banned from Facebook for breaking Facebook’s Terms of Use by running an automated script - illegal by Facebook's Terms of Service On his radio show, Robert Scoble chats about this more.

Here's another opinion by an angry man:

My conversation with QDOS support

Since I wrote the note about Online Identity I've been exchanging emails with the team at QDOS trying to work out where the value is for me as netizen. There is a human team at Garlik and smiliar to Alan Burlinson I feel that their human responsive face sets a good example in today's online world.

How to avoid going Agloco

The December announcement from Agloco wrapping up current operations provides valuable information for the start-ups wanting to play in the Attention economy.

Facebook and the MicroSocial Spamfriends Application

Hey Facebook, something's about to go wrong again...I put the Beacon fiasco down to charming youthful inexperience and sang your praises when you publicly apologized for the mistake, however, I don't think I am going to be so forgiving this time with what is going on on the Facebook platform.

Can I kick the Google habit?

I'm concerned about my privacy and where my data is accumulating out of my control. Because of Adsense on this site, I choose to use Google in signed-in mode. As I search, I am being observed - what I search for, the search terms I use and which results I follow. The very smart people at the Googleplex look at this data and figure out a lot about me from it. The best part is that they can work out what advertisements to put in my face based on that data...or is it the worst?

Keeping a low Qprofile

Further to my earlier posting, Online identity - does anyone care?, this morning I received a reminder from Garlik to go and access my QDOS profile. I signed in, created a userid and then I was asked to link the websites where my online persona exists - my facebook page, my Twitter page, my Tripadvisor page etc. As I added these, my QDOS score rose from Q900 to Q2766.

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