Keeping a low Qprofile

Further to my earlier posting, Online identity - does anyone care?, this morning I received a reminder from Garlik to go and access my QDOS profile. I signed in, created a userid and then I was asked to link the websites where my online persona exists - my facebook page, my Twitter page, my Tripadvisor page etc. As I added these, my QDOS score rose from Q900 to Q2766.

QDOS screen example

At that point I stopped. I have gone to great pains to hide my real identity as I use the 'Gammydodger' moniker to reveal myself online. With my help, QDOS was now joining these two identities together. I undid all of the links and my score dropped to Q505 and with it my heart rate.

Does a low QDOS equal safety online?

As I noted in Am I naked online? the generation that has grown up with the internet is able to maintain a separation between their online persona and their real one. I felt that QDOS crossed this line and merged the two personas.

I would be happy giving Gammydodger a QDOS identity, but I have not found a way to sign Gammydodger up for QDOS as he does not have a UK postcode. So with my score down at 505 I feel comfortable that I am keeping the online persona of Gammydodger separate from my real identity.

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