Market Bodge?

A new Facebook application seems to have gained a few column inches in the San Jose Mercury News - Facebook application pays users for helping sell goods to friends.

"Facebook members who decide to use Market Lodge can customize their own stores, selecting from more than 1,200 products sold by about 50 different merchants. Once the personal store is set up, Facebook users can then invite others in their network to check out the stuff they're recommending. Market Lodge users can make purchases from their own stores and still qualify for the 10 percent sales commission."

Interested in something that is not as intrusive as Beacon, I installed the app. It's a Tupperware party, except Tupperware Parties were more exciting.

(For those of you who don't remember Tupperware Parties, they happened in the 70's and were where someone's mom invites you over to their house and they served finger food and cheap wine out of plastic utensils with sealable lids. Because you were little, the plastic containers were safe and you could drop them and their contents on the carpet. Because it was the 70's and dark swirly carpets were in fashion, nobody noticed that you had spilled your fluorescent colored orange drink or that you'd fed cake to their dog or hidden the finger sandwiches you couldn't eat in the fish tank. So you never got told off - great! Infinitely more fun than Market Lodge!)